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The Second Fly Caster: Fatherhood, Recovery and an Unforgettable Tournament
Erik, a young boy, is proud that his father, the winner of several state championships, is probably the greatest long distance fly caster on earth. But then a threatening prelude and an unexpected outcome of a casting tournament leave Erik reeling with unanswered questions about what once seemed to be only a sport. READ MORE...
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John H. Carroll
Children / Young Readers, Fantasy, Fiction - SciFi, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller, Unspecified

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Biography (9)
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Indie Book Lounge Author Interview



1. What was the first book you read that inspired you to become a writer?
I guess the 'Book of Life' is the greatest book and we are the authors along with the supreme reality.When I consciously started observing and reading the life itself ,I guess I became a writer.
I would say that we all are born with this innate creativity .Writing,Composing Music,Singing,Painting and all other forms of visual and non-visual arts are the expression of that unique as well as the universal quality.And this is the greatest mystery !

2.Did you try the traditional publishing route before going indie and if so, what was that experience like?

A poetry book  'Kosse Chanan'  was published back in 2010 in my regional language Punjabi by a traditional publisher.It was a kind of anthology book where new and young poets had been given a chance to show their talent to world.I was also one of those fortunate poets.It was a good experience.May be because it required  less work in terms of editing,promotion and distribution from my part.

However,after publishing my first solo book 'The Directionless Son of Brain' as an indie author,I feel that both traditional and indie publishing have their advantages and dis advantages.I really enjoyed writing and publishing my book freely as an indie author.
At the end of the day,It's the story line or the content of the book which matters more than anything else.

3.Besides the genre you currently write in, what other genre would you like to try ?

I have always been interested in soulful and spiritual literature.I am very curious about human mind and it's behavior.I believe that the way to the true soulful and spiritual realization also known as Nirvana goes through the realms of Mind.That is why I read and write everything which comes under this dimension of writing.

Besides this genre,I would like to explore Romance and Fantasy because these two genres express both imagination and human essence at their best.Hopefully,one of my next books will be based upon Romance or Fantasy based theme.

4.What do you think are the basic ingredients of a story?

I guess when observation,knowledge,feeling,dedication and creativity of an author work in harmony with each other,we get a wonderful story or book to read.

I am not a good cook but I feel the job of a professional author is very much similar to that of a cook.Like a good cook,an author must know how to use all the ingredients in a proper way so that the final outcome is delicious,interesting and relating.

5.What discipline do you impose on yourself regarding schedules, goals, etc.?

There are two types of goals-1.Superficial  2.True and Innate Goals.
Superficial goals are the ones which are being pursued in order to fulfill superficial needs or to please everyone in order to avoid rejections Or we can say these are the goals pursued simply to follow the mob or trends irrespective of the fact whether you really want them or not.

True and Innate Goals are the ones which matter to you more than anything else.They are like oxygen for your existence.You do not discover them. In fact,these goals make you discover them.You feel an inner urge and compulsion to pursue them .When you follow this inner urge,irrespective of the various obstacles,you feel a kind of satisfaction and happiness.
All you need in terms of discipline is determination to stick to your intuition and follow that path .

Here I would also like to quote famous sufi poet and saint Rumi
''When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving in you, a joy. When action comes from another section, the feeling disappears.''

6.Dogs or cats?

Let it be both !! We authors are very diplomatic. Aren't We !
hah..Actually dogs and cats always keep themselves busy in the game of dominance .They waste their resources and energy in trying to make each other tap out just like in wrestling.

Dogs are brave and cats are better in strategy making process.So,instead of  fighting with each other if they can work together,they can do wonders.

7.Do you think people DO judge books by their cover?

Yes,to an extent it is true.A good,clean and descriptive cover attracts the readers but it's not ONLY about the cover.Again,it's the content of the story which really matters.

I would like to appeal all the readers to go through the preview pages of the books rather than just relying on the cover.
"Beauty without virtue is like a rose without scent"

8.What's the best and worst things about being an author?

I do not see anything wrong or worst about being an author.It's the most self-fulfilling hobby as well as profession.

What I do not like is the attitude of few people about this hobby and profession especially in the part of the world I come from.
And my message to those people is:
Do respect the talent of a person and if it is good then let that person be who he/she is without judging that person on the basis of your weird thinking and mind set.

Not every one can write and if a person is very good in writing ,then he/she has the basic right and freedom to pursue it as his/her career.

Do not treat a creative person,no matter whether that person is a musician,singer,writer or any body else with ambitions and talent,as a nobody.
And just like the founder of a company,just like an engineer,just like a doctor,just like a sportsman,authors are professional and deserve the right to earn money.

Do not think that you are doing some charity by buying their books.You are buying books because you want to BUY  a book just like you avail any other service related to any other profession.

9.What are you working on right now?

Right now,I am working on my poetry book I am writing in my regional language Punjabi.Hopefully,I will be able to publish it or get it published,till the end of this year.

10.Besides writing, what other hobbies or interests do you have?

As I mentioned earlier,I love exploring the various realms of human mind.I am a very keen observer.Love to put myself psychologically under the situations where I myself challenge my own belief system and every time I do it,I discover a new me.
The concept of God is also very mysterious yet very profound in my dictionary.
Music,Sport of Cricket,Nature,Beauty I mean just everything related to these make the soul inside me alive .

And above all,I am the kind of person who needs a bit of personal space may be an hour or two to spend only with myself daily in order to stay connected to my self.


Thanks to SoulfulSaurabh for the interview.
If you enjoyed it, be sure and take a look at their books!

The Directionless Son of Brain Fiction - General

Sometimes there comes a time in our life when we are absolutely directionless and depressed.Sometimes we don't even know why we feel this way.We want to do something about it but we don't know what to do ?

Our Parents,Family,Friends all are there to help us but we come to a stage where we hide our true sad and directionless selves from them by pretending to be happy.

Many people around the world are going through this but most of the times this state of unidentified depression and directionless-ness remains under the cover.

We all have faced these kinds of situations in our life and i am no exception !!

This book is an attempt to come out of that state of absolute directionless-ness.

The story of this book does not preach about DOs & DON'Ts or Some rules which one must follow to come out of this state.
This is just a story.It takes you to a journey where you along with the main character of this story explore life from a different prospective and perspective of others.

And once the readers finish this book,they would definitely feel a positive change in their attitude towards life just like i did whole writing this book. Thank You.

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