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A Pig in the Roses: Sosigenes' dead face stared up at them, its lines fixed in a grimace of pain and bewilderment. A fly landed unhindered on the old man's open left eye. Disconcerted, Diokles nudged the body with his foot and it rolled over. READ MORE...

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Autobiography (13)
Biography (8)
Business (4)
Children / Young Readers (54)
Comics (1)
Erotica (Adult) (53)
Fan Fiction (5)
Fantasy (93)
Fiction - Crime, Mystery (98)
Fiction - General (98)
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Fiction - Romance (82)
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B J Baxter, Erotica (Adult)(1)
B.C. Young, Fiction - SciFi(7)
BarryA, Fiction - SciFi(4)
Bekki_Lynn, Erotica (Adult)(4), Poetry(1)
Ben Campbell, Fan Fiction(4), Fantasy(1), Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Fiction - Romance(1), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(2), Young Adult(1)
Ben White, Children / Young Readers(1), Young Adult(5)
Benjamin X. Wretlind, Fiction - General(1), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
Beth LaBuff, Humor(6)
BevRobitai, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Unspecified(1)
bfb, Children / Young Readers(2), Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Young Adult(1)
Boblo, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Fiction - Historical(1), Fiction - SciFi(1), How-to(1), Poetry(1)
Bonnie Vanak, Fiction - General(1), Fiction - Romance(2)
boolah, Children / Young Readers(6), Erotica (Adult)(14), Fiction - Crime, Mystery(8), Fiction - Historical(4), Fiction - Romance(4), Fiction - SciFi(3), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(4), Fiction - Westerns(9), Paranormal(1), Unspecified(3), Young Adult(2)
Brendan Gisby, Biography(2), Fantasy(1), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
BrendanCarroll, Paranormal(3)
brianspringer13, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(2)
Brinksman, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), True Crime(1), Young Adult(1)
brotherjoeradosti, Unspecified(1)
bulmer, Fiction - SciFi(8), Unspecified(1)
Businessgrl, Business(1)
Calliope Strange, Fantasy(1)
Carl246, Erotica (Adult)(5), Unspecified(2)
Caroline Farrell, Fiction - General(1)
cbmar10, Religion(1)
cborgne, Fiction - SciFi(1)
cbsmith, Fiction - General(1), Young Adult(4)
CDReimer, Autobiography(1), Fiction - General(11), Paranormal(1), Poetry(1), Political(1)
cepnz, How-to(2)
chiefdalek, Fantasy(1)
Chris Adonn, Fantasy(1), Unspecified(1)
Chris J. Randolph, Fiction - SciFi(1)
Chris Wimpress, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
ChristinaLi, How-to(1)
Christine, Children / Young Readers(2)
Christine Kersey, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(3)
Christopher John Chater, Fiction - SciFi(1)
Christopher M. Thompson, Poetry(2)
ChristopherHunterFiction, Fiction - SciFi(1)
Chrystine, Children / Young Readers(1), Poetry(1), Religion(2), Unspecified(1)
Cindi Lee, Young Adult(1)
Cliff Ball, Fiction - SciFi(3), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
Colleen Gleason, Fiction - Romance(2), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
Colleen Wait, Fiction - General(2), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1), Young Adult(2)
connieantioch, Religion(1)
Craig Davis, Fiction - General(1), Humor(1), Unspecified(2)
CREATIVE, Children / Young Readers(1), How-to(1)
Cristina Pereyra, Fiction - Historical(1), Fiction - Romance(3)
csdorsey1984, Young Adult(1)
Cynthia Justlin, Fiction - Romance(1)
Dana E. Donovan, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Paranormal(8)
Daniel A. Roberts, Fantasy(1), Fiction - Romance(2)
Daniel Scott Westby, Fantasy(1)
DanielKoehler, Fiction - General(6), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(2)
Danielle Gavan, Erotica (Adult)(2), Paranormal(1)
Darren R. Scothern, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
David A. Lloyd, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1)
David Reynolds, Comics(1)
David Vernon, Fiction - General(1)
David Wuensche, Fiction - SciFi(1)
davidhburton, Children / Young Readers(1), Fantasy(1)
Debra Diaz, Fiction - Historical(3), Young Adult(1)
Deep, Erotica (Adult)(9)
Deep Rough, Fiction - Historical(1), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
derrolyn, Young Adult(2)
Diane Majeske, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1)
Doc Hughes, Autobiography(1), Biography(1)
doddelbacke, Autobiography(1), Fiction - SciFi(1)
DoloresA, Fiction - Historical(1), Fiction - Romance(2)
Donald Stephens, Paranormal(1)
Donna Butler, Fiction - General(2)
donnakfitch, Paranormal(2)
DonnaWhiteGlaser, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
doomdiva, Paranormal(1)
Dorte H, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
Doug Lambeth, Fiction - General(1)
Dr Bill, Fiction - SciFi(1), Poetry(2)
Dr MO, How-to(1)
Dr. Claus, Poetry(15)
Dreama Faire, Fiction - Romance(3)
dwrob, Fiction - SciFi(1)
Dylan English, Erotica (Adult)(2)
Edward G. Talbot, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(2)
Edward T. Vaughan, Fiction - General(1), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
Edward W. Robertson, Fantasy(1), Fiction - SciFi(1)
Elijah Joon, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Fiction - General(2), Unspecified(1)
Elirey, Young Adult(1)
ErikaMSzabo, Fantasy(1)
Erin Kern, Fiction - Romance(1)
Evil Ink, Paranormal(1), Poetry(1)
Fabian Black, Fiction - Romance(4)
Francine L. Trevens, Children / Young Readers(1), Poetry(2), Unspecified(1)
Francis W. Porretto, Business(1), Erotica (Adult)(1), Fantasy(3), Fiction - General(1), Fiction - SciFi(2), How-to(1), Unspecified(1)
Fred Bubbers, Fiction - General(4)
G J Lau, Autobiography(1), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
G.W. Jefferies, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Poetry(1)
Gail M Baugniet, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1)
Gareth Spark, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(2)
Gary Wayne Clark, Fiction - SciFi(2)
Geoffrey Neil, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
georgeeveryman, Fiction - Romance(1)
Gillibran Brown, Humor(1)
Glenn Bullion, Paranormal(2)
Glenn Myers, Young Adult(1)
Glittering Throng Press, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Fiction - Romance(1)
Glynn James, Paranormal(1)
Gordon Kirkland, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Humor(4)
Heather Mar-Gerrison, Fantasy(3), Young Adult(7)
Helen Hanson, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
helmy kusuma, Young Adult(1)
Herc, Humor(3)
hmcauthor, Fantasy(2), Fiction - Romance(2), Paranormal(2)
Huwcol, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1)
Iain Rowan, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1)
Ian, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(2)
Ian Woodhead, Fiction - SciFi(1)
Isaac Sweeney, Fiction - General(3), Unspecified(1)
J. Alexander Greenwood, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(2)
J. Jay Kamp, Fiction - Romance(2), Paranormal(1)
J.L. McPherson, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
J.M.Zambrano, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
J.Pollard, Unspecified(2)
Jacqueline Hopkins, Fiction - Romance(1)
James Calore, Fiction - General(1)
James Everington, Fiction - General(1), Paranormal(1)
James Melzer, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
Jan Hurst-Nicholson, Children / Young Readers(2), Fiction - General(1), Humor(2), Young Adult(1)
Jane Madison, Poetry(1)
Jason Jack Miller, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
jaxe, Autobiography(1)
jconroe, Fantasy(3)
JCPhelps, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
Jeffrey Pierce, Fantasy(1)
Jennifer Oberth, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1)
Jennifer Rainey, Paranormal(1)
Jenny Hilborne, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
Jess C Scott, Autobiography(1), Fantasy(1), Young Adult(1)
Jessica Morse, Fiction - Romance(2)
JigsawPress, Fantasy(2), Fiction - Crime, Mystery(3), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(2), Unspecified(1)
Jimmy Stille, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(2)
JL Rehman, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(3)
jlwallen, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(2), Paranormal(1)
JMBarlog, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
Joanne Valiukas, Paranormal(1)
Joe Gellene, Fiction - SciFi(1)
Joe Perrone Jr., Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1), Humor(2)
John G. Hartness, Fantasy(3)
John H. Byk, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(2), Unspecified(1)
John H. Carroll, Children / Young Readers(1), Fantasy(2), Fiction - SciFi(2), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1), Unspecified(1)
Joshua Jones, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Fiction - General(1), Fiction - SciFi(1), Unspecified(1)
Joshua Price, Humor(1)
JP Voss, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Fiction - General(1)
JRTomlin, Fantasy(1), Fiction - Historical(1)
judyreiser, Humor(3)
JuliaMarch, Fantasy(1)
K. C. Blake, Young Adult(1)
k. lyn, Fiction - Romance(4)
K. Rowe, Fiction - Romance(1), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(2)
Karen, How-to(2)
Karen Wojcik Berner, Fiction - General(1)
KarenLeeField, Children / Young Readers(1), Fantasy(1)
Karl May Friends, Autobiography(2), Biography(3), Children / Young Readers(7), Fantasy(1), Fiction - Historical(22), Unspecified(4)
Kassie Ritchie Bennett, Fiction - General(1)
Katharina Maimer, Fantasy(1)
Kathleen Valentine, Fiction - General(3), Fiction - Romance(1), How-to(3)
Katie Salidas, Fiction - Romance(2), Paranormal(2), Unspecified(1)
Kavita Nalawde, Fiction - General(1)
kayakruthie, Children / Young Readers(1), Fiction - Crime, Mystery(3), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(3)
Keith C Blackmore, Children / Young Readers(1), Fantasy(1), Fiction - SciFi(1), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1), How-to(1)
Kelly D. Boykin, Unspecified(1)
Kenneth Wayne, Fiction - General(1)
Kevis Hendrickson, Fiction - SciFi(4), Young Adult(1)
Kimberly Spencer, Paranormal(1)
klnappier, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(2), Paranormal(1)
Kristie Leigh Maguire, Fiction - Romance(3), Fiction - Westerns(1), Unspecified(1)
Kurtle, Fiction - General(1)
Kyle W. Bell, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Gaming / Puzzles(6), Political(5)
L.A. Wilson, Fiction - Historical(2), Unspecified(1)
LA Quill, Fantasy(1)
LAJones1, Fantasy(2)
LarryEnright, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1)
Laudizen, Unspecified(3)
Laura Lond, Children / Young Readers(1), Fiction - General(1), Young Adult(4)
Lee Moan, Fiction - SciFi(1), Paranormal(2)
Lexi Revellian, Fiction - General(1), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
Linda, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1)
Linda Acaster, Fiction - Historical(2), Paranormal(1)
Linda Hall, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(2)
Linda Pendleton, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(3), Fiction - Historical(1)
Linda Rae Blair, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(2), Fiction - General(5)
Linda Stamberger, How-to(1)
LindaB, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1)
Lindsay Mawson, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(2)
Lindsay Townsend, Fiction - Romance(2)
Linnea_Hall, Paranormal(1)
Lisa Pacheco, Fiction - Romance(1)
LisaMaliga, Fiction - General(1), Humor(2), Paranormal(1), Unspecified(1)
liswrites, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(2), Unspecified(1)
LKWatts, Autobiography(1)
Loretta Giacoletto, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(2), Fiction - Historical(1)
Lorraine Holloway-White, Unspecified(3)
Lucy Kevin, Fiction - Romance(3), Young Adult(1)
M. Edward McNally, Fantasy(1)
M. Scott, Fantasy(2), Paranormal(1), Unspecified(1)
M.P. McDonald, Unspecified(1)
magpie, Fiction - Historical(1), Humor(1)
Maria Savva, Fiction - General(3)
Mariah Rice, Poetry(1)
Mark Adair, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
Mark Feggeler, Humor(1)
Mark Oetjens, Fiction - SciFi(1)
MarshaWard, Fiction - Westerns(2)
Martin, Young Adult(1)
MaryPat Hyland, Fiction - General(2), Humor(1)
Matt Di Spirito, Fantasy(1), Fiction - General(2), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(2)
McCarty Griffin, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1), Paranormal(1)
Megan jones, Unspecified(1)
Mehry Inett, Erotica (Adult)(2)
Mel Comley, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
Melissa Ohnoutka, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
MelissaSmith, Paranormal(1)
MGeerhart, Fiction - General(1)
Michael Mullin, Humor(1)
Michael Robb Mathias, Fiction - SciFi(1), Paranormal(1)
Michael Scott Miller, Fiction - General(1)
Michelle Ann Hollstein, Fantasy(3), Fiction - Crime, Mystery(5)
Michelle Muto, Young Adult(1)
Mike Dennis, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(2)
Mike McIntyre, Autobiography(1), Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1)
Mikel_Classen, Fiction - Historical(2), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(2), Paranormal(2)
minimalist, How-to(1)
MiraKolarBrown, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(2)
Mitchl, Children / Young Readers(10), How-to(8), Unspecified(3), Young Adult(1)
Mr. Alex Church, Fiction - SciFi(1)
mtwriter, Fiction - SciFi(4)
Nadia Lee, Erotica (Adult)(1), Fiction - Romance(2), How-to(1)
Nancy Hand, Fiction - SciFi(1)
Nancy Holzner, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1)
Natasha Reyna, Unspecified(3), Young Adult(1)
nathanm, Fiction - SciFi(1)
Neil D. Ostroff, Fiction - SciFi(1), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(2), Unspecified(1)
Nero Newton, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
Niko Silvester, Fantasy(8)
Norah Wilson, Fiction - Romance(3), Unspecified(2)
Novella_Ray, Fantasy(1)
oldesalt, Fiction - General(1)
P. A. Edwards, Erotica (Adult)(3)
P.M. Richter, Fiction - Romance(1), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1), Paranormal(1)
Patricia Caviglia, Young Adult(1)
Paul A. Myers, Fiction - Historical(1)
Paul Collis, Humor(1)
Paul Donovan, Young Adult(1)
Paul Kater, Fantasy(7)
Paula Freda, Fiction - Romance(1)
pcmarcantel, Fiction - General(1)
Peter A. Smalley, Fantasy(1)
Peter Alan Orchard, Children / Young Readers(1), Fiction - Historical(2)
Peter Salisbury, Fiction - SciFi(6)
Philip Chen, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
phillberrie, Fantasy(1)
Phillip Frey, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1)
Plagarma, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
Portia Da Costa, Erotica (Adult)(2)
questionmarc, Unspecified(1)
R F Coles, Fiction - General(1)
R.E. Schobernd, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(3)
R.Reed, Fiction - SciFi(3), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
Ramona Wray, Young Adult(1)
Raven West, Fiction - Romance(2)
Raydad, Fiction - General(1)
Redneck Genius, Humor(1)
Regan Black, Paranormal(6)
ReggieRidgway, Young Adult(2)
RG Cordiner, Children / Young Readers(3)
Richard McManus, Fiction - SciFi(1)
Rick Sand, Children / Young Readers(1)
RJMcDonnell, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(2)
Robert Capko, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
Robert DeCoteau, Fan Fiction(1), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1), Paranormal(2)
RobertaBeachJacobson, Humor(1)
RobertLCollins, Fantasy(1), Fiction - SciFi(3)
Robinson Mason, Fiction - SciFi(1)
Romuald Reber, Fiction - SciFi(2)
rossrichdale, Fantasy(1), Fiction - Historical(3), Fiction - SciFi(4), Young Adult(1)
roylecoeur, Fantasy(2), Fiction - Historical(1), Humor(1), Young Adult(1)
Ruth Harris, Fiction - General(2), Fiction - Historical(1)
Saffina Desforges, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
salma, How-to(1)
Samantha Whitney, Erotica (Adult)(3)
Sami Salkosuo, Fiction - SciFi(4)
Sandy Wolters, Fiction - Romance(2)
Sarah Ettritch, Fantasy(1)
Sarah Leigh Graham, Poetry(1)
Sarah Woodbury, Fiction - Historical(4), Paranormal(1)
Scott Semegran, Fiction - General(2)
Scott_Kessman, Fantasy(1), Unspecified(1)
sdrennon, Fantasy(1)
Seal, Biography(1), Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Fiction - Historical(1), Fiction - Westerns(3), How-to(1), Humor(1), Unspecified(1)
SeanPatrickReardon, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1)
seventhspell, Fantasy(1), Fiction - Romance(1), Paranormal(1), Unspecified(1)
Shaina Richmond, Erotica (Adult)(2)
Shannon Mawhiney, Paranormal(1)
Sharon E. Cathcart, Autobiography(3), Fiction - Historical(1), Unspecified(2)
Shaun Allan, Children / Young Readers(1), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
shavens, Young Adult(1)
Shawn Michel de Montaigne, Fantasy(1)
ShawnedaMarks, Fiction - General(1)
Sheila Horgan, Fiction - General(4)
shelialipsey, Fiction - Romance(1)
Shiloh Walker, Erotica (Adult)(1), Fiction - Romance(2)
Shoshana Sumrall Frerking, Fantasy(1)
sibelhodge, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Fiction - Romance(3), Unspecified(1)
Silvano Williams, Fiction - General(1)
skelton, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
Skyfool, Fiction - Historical(1)
SoulfulSaurabh, Fiction - General(1)
Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku, Fiction - Romance(4)
stepart, Unspecified(1)
Stephen Goldin, Fantasy(7), Fiction - SciFi(19)
Susan Schreyer, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(2)
T.K. Richardson, Young Adult(1)
TaniaLT, Fiction - Romance(2)
teapotmonk, How-to(1)
tecmic, Fiction - SciFi(1)
Ted Krever, Erotica (Adult)(1), Fiction - General(1), Fiction - Romance(1), Humor(1), Paranormal(1)
The Down to Earth Doctor, How-to(1)
thea atkinson, Fiction - General(3), Fiction - Historical(2)
Thomas Wilson, Fiction - SciFi(1)
Tiffany Turner, Children / Young Readers(2)
TJ Ventrelli, Paranormal(1)
Tmarchini, Business(1), Young Adult(1)
Todd Russell, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
ToddDaigneault, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(2), Paranormal(1), Unspecified(2)
Tom Allen, Religion(2)
Tom North, Young Adult(1)
Toni Bryan, Fiction - General(1), Humor(1)
Toni Leland, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Fiction - Romance(2), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(3), Young Adult(1)
Tony McFadden, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
Tracy Falbe, Fantasy(1)
unclearthur, Fiction - Historical(1)
ValMaarten, Fiction - Romance(2)
Valmore Daniels, Fiction - General(1), Fiction - SciFi(1)
VH Folland, Fiction - General(1), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
viankavanbokkem, Fiction - SciFi(1), Paranormal(2), Young Adult(21)
Vickie Johnstone, Children / Young Readers(1), Poetry(1)
Victor Bertolaccini, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1), Fiction - SciFi(5), Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
vjchambers, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1), Paranormal(2), Young Adult(6)
W. D. Newman, Fantasy(1)
W.T. Hughes, Paranormal(1)
Waldron, Elaine, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(2), Young Adult(3)
Wesley Allison, Fantasy(1), Fiction - SciFi(2)
Will Kane Jr., Humor(1)
William F. Brown, Fiction - Suspense / Thriller(1)
WillieMcIntyre, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(2)
YolandaRenee, Fiction - Crime, Mystery(1)

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